Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't Miss These Printables!!!

$1.00 off Listerine
(This will work great with the sale at Target right now)
Listerine 1 Liter $4.50
Purchase 3 Get a $5 GC

Use 3 $1.00 coupons (you will need access to 2 computers to print 3)
= $1.83 each after coupons and gift card)

$1.00 off Cottonelle
(Check out my next post to see how you should use this one)

$1.00 off Any Johnson's Baby product
(I love to use these at Target to get the Johnson's Buddies priced at $.97...these are priced around $1.00 at many stores)


  1. Hi,
    I can't find the 1buck coupon for the tp? Any suggestions??

  2. legendwife,

    Its not showing up on my list as being printed anymore, so I think that it is gone. It looks like its been replaced by a $.50 off (2) 4 pack or (1) 12 pack.