Monday, February 15, 2010

Make Over $5.00 On Olay Products...

Here's how:

Sign-up for an account here.
Purchase 3 of the Olay Body Washes or Olay In-Shower Lotions which are priced @ $2.99 after the instant $1.00 coupons. You will have to purchase 3 different products in order to get the $1.00 coupon on each bottle. There are several scents of the Body Lotions to choose from.

Your total will be $8.97 + tax.

AND Shipping is NEVER charges for shipping if you order 6 items; however, if it is your first order, they allow you to order just 3 items and your shipping will still be free.

Then head over here and print the new Olay $15 Rebate Form.

After tax my profit was $5.31!!

** UPDATE **
It appears some of the items are already out-of-stock, but there are still LOTS of items priced at just $3.99 making the deal just a bit smaller of a money maker.

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